Bachelor Thesis Writing

Bachelor’s thesis writing is relevant for all graduates. Bachelor’s Thesis is a final thesis prepared by the student, according to which the student’s readiness to work independently is assessed. Successfully defending his bachelor’s thesis, the student is awarded the qualification of his chosen profession. The bachelor’s work is subject to significantly higher requirements than the simpler written work – the bachelor’s thesis must be analytical rather than descriptive or reviewable. The author of the bachelor thesis must fully analyze the topic of the work, evaluate the works of other authors, perform the necessary researches, describe them, formulate precise conclusions. In general, almost every bachelor’s thesis is intended to reveal and analyze a particular problem.

Bachelor Thesis Writing: Types

Bachelor theses can be of two types: theoretical and practical. In the theoretical bachelor work it is important to present the opinions of different authors on the subject, to analyze and systematize different theories, to explain how they could be applied in Lithuania, to discuss other chosen aspects. In the bachelor’s work of practical nature theoretical analysis of a certain problem is performed, the necessary empirical data are collected, their analysis is performed, and the ways of solving the problem are presented.

Bachelor Thesis Writing: Structure

To write a bachelor’s work is much more complicated than a course. Usually half a year is written for bachelor’s work, ie. y. all semester. Bachelor’s thesis consists of many structural parts: one of them is necessary and the other is not. First of all, the bachelor’s work must have a title page. The content goes further. An introduction should be provided after the content. Hereinafter – teaching, usually consisting of three parts: the theoretical part, which reviews and analyzes the relevant literature (methodological instructions specify the minimum number of literature sources to be analyzed, how many foreign languages, how many scientific articles); a methodological part for describing the methodology of empirical research, and the part of the study, designed to analyze the collected data and evaluate the results obtained. After the tutorial, conclusions and recommendations are provided on how to deal with the problem. Later a summary of the bachelor’s thesis must be provided (sometimes the summary is presented before the introduction). What language should be provided in the summaries given in the relevant educational institution guidelines. A list of sources is then provided. Attachments, if any, may also be provided.

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