Preparation of reports

Notification is a public, official language that aims to explore a relevant topic. Preparing reports is not very complicated, but it certainly takes a long time.

Messaging: Go

In order to prepare a report, it is important first to choose the right and interesting topic, to collect material on the topic, to prepare the manuscript and to learn from it. In general, it is very important to fine-tune the entire text of the manuscript and learn it, as it is usually not allowed to read the manuscript at the time of the message. In addition, the speaker who has learned his / her language makes a good impression on the listeners and feels more secure. In order for the audience not to be bored to listen to the message, a presentation is required – sometimes it is even mandatory. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the preparation of slideshows.

Messaging: Slide and Structure

Presentation of the slides of the report begins when all material is collected and the manuscript is structured. It is important to have a speaking plan before you start to create slides. You can then select illustrations that fit the theme, create tables and graphs. It should be understood that the message should not contain the full text of the speech, but only the most important statements-accents. In addition, it is important to consider how much time will be given to each slide. Usually one to two minutes is given per slide, so if you intend to speak for 20 minutes, you will need to prepare 12 to 15 slides.

It is important to know what information is provided on the slides.

In the first slide, the name of the message, its author, the authority must be specified. The second slide usually contains an annotation. The third slide shows the content of the message. Other slides are usually used to present the problem: one or two slides for the problem and the purpose of the work; one (optional) slide for presenting your or other authors’ works; one slide – to discuss the methods used. The other slides (as much as needed) discuss the results of the work. Don’t forget to give one slide to the conclusions. This slide is the most important thing because it is best remembered by listeners. 5 points are sufficient to formulate conclusions. You can use another slide to discuss further work. You can also add 1 to 3 additional slides to discuss the issues you are likely to ask.

Preparing messages requires time. If you lack it and can’t prepare a report yourself – we are ready to help you. We can do all of the following.